1. Which is OOTB run mode applied at the time of installation of AEM instance?
    1. nosamplecontent
    2. author
    3. replicate
    4. loadsamplecontent
  2. How do you specify the osgi config of a java class in Publish runmode ?
    1. /apps/system/config/org.apache.felix.webconsole.internal.servlet.OsgiManager jcr:primary type= sling:osgiConfig
    2. /apps/system/config/org.apache.felix.webconsole.internal.servlet.OsgiManager.config jcr:primary type= sling:osgiConfig
    3. /apps/system/config/org.apache.felix.webconsole.internal.servlet.OsgiManager.config jcr:primary type= nt:file
    4. /apps/system/config/org.apache.felix.webconsole.internal.servlet.OsgiManager.properties jcr:primary type= nt:file
  3. You add “sling.run.modes=pubish” in sling.properties and start the instance using the command “java -jar aem-6-p4502.jar -r author”, In which mode will the instance start?
    1. Author
    2. Publish
    3. Due to conflict in the run modes, AEM will not start
    4. Both Author and Publish
  4. What is the correct order of precedence to set up run modes in AEM (from left to right,left being highest)
    1. system property,sling property,jar file
    2. jar file,sling property,system property
    3. sling property,jar file,system property
    4. jar file,system property,sling property
  5. Which three AEM jar names will start AEM in author mode?(choose three)
    1. cq5-author-4502.jar
    2. aem-publish.jar
    3. quickstart-4502.jar
    4. cq5-author-p4502.jar